Adonna Seals Abused Twice

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When Yolanda first met Carl, she had no doubts about him being the man she wanted to spend her life with. It wasn’t until the day she finally took her vows that she saw the real face behind that superficial kindness. She was in the same kind of situation she found her mother in when she was a child. Was she blinded by fate or deceived by God?

Marrying Carl took away all the strength and faith Yolanda got from her mother. Everything in her life seemed dull and dark, even the daisies that Carl used to bring her once he was sober. She was not only living with an abusive husband and a womanizer, but also with guilt and fear. However, she knew she had to gather strength, regain faith and take a stand. She knew she had to challenge fate and fight back to protect herself and her family.

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Book Two - Abused Twice II

The Sequel Of Abused Twice
Projected Release Date December 2012

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Abused Twice Crisis Center
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About the Author

Adonna Maria Seals

Adonna Seals

  Living in Memphis, Adonna was born and raised in Laurel, Mississippi. She received her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Jackson State University. After   gaining positive reviews and recognition for her first book Abused Twice, Adonna is now working on two more titles including a sequel of Abused Twice and   Snapped.

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